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Stress, Tips and Fear of Failure

Hi Guys!

Today is going to be a bit of a personal experience type post leading on to how I personally like to deal with stress/procrastination.

Ok so I’ve always been a bit of a stress head. I stress over the smallest of assignments and am also a bad procrastinator. I’m telling you now, this is not a good combination!

A weekend or two ago, it all got a bit too much. I literally became so stressed over my work that I had a break down stress/panic kind of attack and I’m not going to lie, it was scary. Basically I had quite a lot of study, home work and assignments that I had let build up. The thing is the more I let pile up the worse my procrastination becomes, so in typical me fashion I spent 5 hours that I should have been spent doing my work, binge watching 13 Reasons Why, which I will admit is  fantastic show but with the long episodes it is way too good for procrastinating!

Ok so you may have noticed in the title for this post it also says ‘fear of failure’ and you may also wonder how I can let myself procrastinate so badly! Well, I have always done quite well at school, I’m not top of my grade or anything but my report is usually mainly A’s and a couple of B’s and believe it or not that’s where the problem starts. I feel like now I have a standard that I have to keep. I not only really want those grades but I feel like I have to get those grades and they are expected of me, from my parents my teachers etc. Thing is, this isn’t necessarily true… in all honestly out of everyone that “expects” me to get good grades at the heart of it is me putting this pressure on myself to do so well and succeed. I get so scared of starting my work because I don’t know if I will be able to get it to a high enough standard, it’s almost like I’m frozen and I can’t do it at all!

This is what happened that weekend. I was frozen, I could see the sun setting I knew I was running out of time, I felt the panic rising, my stomach felt like it was being tied in knots. It felt like my throat was tightening to a point I couldn’t even speak, yet, I hit play on the next episode. I felt like by letting myself procrastinate I was failing everyone, failing myself because I should have better self control than this, to a point I was almost angry at myself which was almost worse.

Ok so this is pretty much what NOT to do… except I keep doing it… over and over again! It gets to a point where my mind is so overcome by stress I’m really not thinking straight.

Ok so what I did, I got my phone which I had also been using to procrastinate and texted Honey (best friend) she miraculously was able to face time me and I literally just burst into tears. What was important was she stayed calm and let me rant/blabber on until I had calmed a bit. Then she told me quite simply to get up leave what I was doing. Close Netflix. Go make myself a warm drink, not coffee! Basically go to a different room and sit for a minute.

This sounded like complete ridiculousness to me cause I was like I have so much to do and that’s the whole reason I am stressed in the first place yet you are telling me to take a break! What planet are you on!

Anyway in that best friend way somehow she convinced me. So she told  me to either sit in silence and chill… just for 10 minutes and try to collect myself. She told me to keep Netflix off to avoid YouTube and not to go on Bloglovin’, also to turn my phone off.

So I did what she said. Believe it or not, it actually worked and I managed to get my work done.

Tip for people who feel similarly to me! if by chance your reading this remember this: The hardest part is actually getting started. 

Ok so to manage my stress/procrastination I have tried many things… some have worked some haven’t so I’ve put together a list below!

My Tips on Dealing With Stress/Procrastination

  • Breathe! Ok sounds stupid but if you breathe in for 5 and out for 7 your heart rate actually slows making you feel heaps calmer. I also like this in exams when I get flustered!
  • Try to remove things that are easy to use to procrastinate aka your phone. I’ll tell you now, I hate turning off my phone! Like what if something important happens! Yeah in a way it’s is probably also FOMO maybe I will miss a chance to do something etc. Ok like group chats and stuff you have to get used to catching up on later! So my solution to this is I turn the ringer up on my phone turn notifications off for all social media and put my phone in another room so I will hear if people call but am not checking it every two seconds.
  • Remove yourself from the situation, if you are starting to feel panicky like I was, then it will seem ridiculous but move away from what you are trying to do.
  • Drink a warm drink. Not coffee!! Even like the mocha powders and stuff, yeah they actually aren’t the best idea as they tend to stimulate the stress etc. The warm mug in your hand is actually quite relaxing and the warm liquid is actually pretty good and un-tightening your throat.
  • Plan out what you have to do, I often just see the pile of stuff and freak out! But if you break it down subject by subject and allocate a time slot to do it in I find it makes everything just seem a little more accomplishable.
  • I also if I can like to go for a run or even just a walk in the fresh air I find helps BUT don’t let it become another way to procrastinate just give yourself 15 mins at the most otherwise you will just end up procrastinating further.

If you have more tips please comment below!

I really hope you enjoyed my post!

DaisyChainDreamer xx

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