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I went without social media for a week!

Hi Guys!


Our Mums do so much for us and we don’t appreciate them enough!

Ok onto the post. If you read my last post Stress, Tips and Fear of Failure you will know I’ve been struggling with stress and it’s been resulting in me having small stress/panic attacks. My tips with dealing with this were in my last post and I told you guys whats being helping and what I find works in general. But the one thing I didn’t mention was that Honey (best friend) suggested I go completely without social media for a week and since that post, I have.

Ok, I’m not going to lie as soon as Honey mentioned the idea I was against it I was like, are you crazy! I had pretty much made up my mind against it before even considering it. But best friends seem to have ways of talking you into things and somehow she did. Honestly the thought of deleting social media off my phone for a week even just for a few days terrified me! Maybe its FOMO, I’m not sure but I wasn’t happy about the idea!

Ok getting to the point!

What I noticed and what I’ve noticed since going back “online”

I noticed a lot of things during that week, for starters I was happier but that doesn’t mean I’m deleting it permanently!

I had way more time! Like until now I never realised how much time I spend on social media! It also eliminated a way to procrastinate so I actually got more done.

I compared myself a lot less to others. I feel like in today’s generation everyone puts their best photos of them at their best on their profiles which means we are constantly seeing our peers and friends so close to “perfection” which we all know is unattainable but we strive for anyway. I didn’t realise how much I compared myself to them. I didn’t realise how often I previously wondered if I am as pretty as this person or if my photos are as good as theirs etc.

I got more sleep. Maybe it was the fact I was on my phone less then half an hour before bed. Maybe it was the fact I was less stressed and more content. I’d say probably a combination. That week I focused better at school and just in general I was more engaged.

I also noticed way more of what was happening around me and engaged in way more conversations because I wasn’t always fiddling with stuff on my phone. Like I felt like I had a higher appreciation of the stuff around me too.

Leading on from all that my overall mood was way better. It was probably due to all of the above but the thing is, I was way happier. Not just happier in general though I felt closer to being “happier as me” then I’ve been in a long time. It almost felt like a weight had been lifted from my shoulders. I wasn’t worrying if I had remembered to do my streaks, how my latest photo was going, if the blog’s Instagram had gained more followers I was just thinking a lot more clearly. I was happier, I found I was smiling more. I was just generally in a better mood

Ok, the big one, I didn’t get any stress/panic attacks! And I hate to say, I have since going back on. This was the one thing I was really hoping would happen while I deleted it and I am pleased to say I felt such a difference in my stress! Like as you probably gathered if you read my last post, I get stressed super easily and I put heaps of pressure and stress on myself but that week I felt a lot calmer and more relaxed!

Ok I want to make a few things clear.

  1. I just re-read that and I have been really positive about it BUT I am in no way suggesting or recommending giving it up. Even though I noticed all the positives I have still gone back on social media
  2. But I do think a detox is a good thing to do every once in a while, it just puts things back into perspective.

So maybe give it a go some time! I know it sounds crazy but it’s worth it! Also I would probably recommend doing it for a slightly longer time maybe two weeks because I spent the first half of the week sort of missing it and wondering if my friend was doing my streaks etc. It wasn’t till the end I really got into it and almost became hesitant logging back in!

So I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you have any questions have done it yourself or if you think you might give it a go comment below!

Hope you have all had a lovely Mothers Day!

DaisyChainDreamer xx

P.S Did you guys know a white flower is the symbol for Mothers Day?

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  1. Hey this is so cool! I can’t believe that all that worked so well! Totally gonna do a ‘detox’

    1. I’m so glad you liked the idea! I was actually so surprised of the results like I didn’t except anything like that at all!
      Thanks lovely!
      DaisyChainDreaming xxx

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