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How to Have the Best Sleepover Ever!!

Hi Guys!!

A post or two ago I mentioned how much I love a good sleepover!!

They are the best way to catch up with a friend/s and really get to know them and have lots of fun!

As far as I am concerned there are things that friends will only ever talk about at 3 in the morning!!

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So how do you have the best sleepover ever?

From my years of experience… A guide to sleepovers, Food, movie, games and everything in between… I hope you like it!!


Well, sleepovers were invented to be fun so you can interrogate your friends on who there crush is, what they really think of them and all sorts of secrets that are only ever spilled after midnight!!


I love food! And to me, sleepovers are the best excuse to eat junk!! They are the one time I don’t feel guilty about going to the local stores and seeing what chocolate, lollies and chips are on special! Drinks are also a nice touch!!

But in terms of dinners and that sort of stuff, I have made a list!

  • Spuds (potato) filled with sour cream, chives or cheese or whatever you like!!
  • I love making Macaroni Cheese for sleepovers, a cheats way out is buying Mac and Cheese pot things, it is like two minute noodle cups where you just add the water but for Mac and cheese.
  • Ice cream sandwiches, where you get biscuits (often choc chip) and you put a scoop of ice cream in between! It is soooo good!!!
  • Brownies are great ( I personally LOVE chocolate, though not as much as Mimi, who I have mentioned before!) These ones are amazing!! :
  • Cake pops are great, and awesome fun to decorate!! In case you don’t know it’s basically cake on a stick!
  • 5 Minute chocolate cake is also a favourite!! My Aunt found the recipe online and sent it to me! the recipe is with one of my images Tip: Serve with Custard or Ice Cream!! It is also what is in the picture with the blue flower up the top!!
  • Link:
  • Freak Shakes – This is something Honey in particular LOVES basically you make really ridiculous and extravagant milkshakes!! A link to a few possibilities:
  • Image taken from the website linked above!
  • freakshakes

Chick Flicks

Movies, You really can’t throw a good sleepover without them!!

I have made a list (with the help of Honey!) of our personal list of favourite sleepover movies, or chick flicks as we like to call them!! BTW: Sorry it is so long we did try to cut it down, I promise!! Also, if you click on them I have linked them all to there trailers!!

The Step Up movies are also really good!! They are dance movie and are all different stories but are all connected slightly through certain characters. Numbers are linked!  1, 2, 3, 4, 5



By now it’s probably like 2 or 3 am and your parents either think your asleep or have given up trying to get you to sleep and have gone to sleep themselves!! You’re having or had had an incredible midnight feast full of all the junk you can imagine and have suddenly spent close to all your money!! Whoops!! and you need some games to help loosen your friends lips and have a good laugh!!

  1. Truth or Dare – this is an absolute classic!! You take it in turns asking each other questions. You ask them to pick truth or dare. If they pick truth you ask a truth question usually about them and a question you desperately want answered remember everyone has to tell the truth!! Some favorites between my friends are things like who is your crush? Describe your dream guy? Dream date? most embarrassing moment? funniest primary school moment? oldest memory? Dares usually consist of things like Eat this (make it disgusting)! backcomb or tease your hair! If that person has a sibling go into their room and take a selfie with them while they sleep etc. If you are playing in the day time a really funny one is to Knock on the next door neighbours door and tell them you have lost your goldfish!
  2. Truth or dare extended version – this one involves more categories. Truth, dare, double dare, kiss, love, torture. As there are 6 topics person who is chosen often has to role a 6 sided dice, one no. for each category. A Double dare is either the person selected is given two dares and gets to choose which they do or they have to do both dares, people playing get to choose. Kiss, you can make them kiss anything really, someones tooth brush if the other person doesn’t mind, the ground, the persons pet, you get the idea. Love is mainly boy questions and that stuff but also means you can’t ask them in the truth section so you have to come up with more original stuff!! and torture is basically a really bad dare! Like really bad!! Or something the other person really doesn’t want to do or confront a fear eg. My friend had a fear of tomatoes so we made her hold one. she got sooo freaked out she threw it in the air at another friends face. Good news is because she was laughing at her fear she doesn’t have nearly as big a problem with it now!
  3. Boy meets Girl – this game is simple and super fun all you need is a pen and paper. you start by writing a piece of pager like this.

Girls name:

bumped into

Boys name :

 at the…

Boy said:

Girl said:

So boy:

  1. It works because you go round in a circle writing the next answer then folding the page over. So by the end of it know one knows what each other has said where they are or what is happening, you can make it as funny as you like!! eg. Patricia bumped into Thomas at the spa, Thomas said will you rub my feet Patricia said you look like you were dragged through the bush backwards so Thomas went into class. As this one did they often make no sense which makes them often funnier!!

I hope you like just some of my tips on sleepovers!!!

DaisyChainDreamer xxx

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An if you want to add your own sleepover tips please comment below!

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