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Realising your amazingness!

Hey Everyone!

Hope you had a lovely Easter!

So there are always those people in life. The “over achievers” the ones who have those qualities that define them that you wish you had. You feel like they got the luck of the draw and you were stuck with the leftovers. I personally feel in today’s society so much is placed on I want’s and I wish’s. Not enough is placed on what we do have and I know I do it too! But I think this is something that should be changed.

Ok so admiration and jealousy… what’s the difference? Everyone has defining qualities that they become known for and which shape their identities. Like, you have those girls they might be funny popular and sporty! Or driven, determined and kind. You get the idea. Well I was talking to Honey( my best best best friend! – see the about me page! ) anyway, Honey was saying to me that despite my injuries, it shouldn’t be too hard for me to get up and get back to where I was before and I was confused. She then went on to say that I can do anything if I put my mind to it and it’s something she has always admired about me, that I am driven and dedicated. Anyway, this not only made me smile and feel very happy inside but made me think that even though I don’t recognise things in me and I don’t think I am very impressive maybe others think I’m ok! Because it turns out that we are much more able to recognise qualities in others than in ourselves. We admire our friends for who they are and their qualities. I have always admired Honey for how pretty she, for her strong sense of style and lovely voice.

But this also made me think about how I’m also often envious of her.  Why do I find it so hard to be happy as me and recognise my own defining qualities? Instead of embracing these qualities that are potentially the envy of others, why do I wish I had different ones and wish I was someone else?

It really got me thinking. Because so much these days I focus on what I don’t have rather than what I do have. For example with clothes: Are they the latest and trendiest? You can find yourself having just bought a new top then seeing some other girl’s and preferring hers, your own top’s value has just gone down. Can anyone reading this say that this hasn’t been them at least once?

Why do we seem to always look for the negative in society? Where did we go from being innocent 5 year olds accepting everything and everybody, always so proud of ourselves and eager for compliments? We thought our scribbles were masterpieces but then again maybe it stems from this. Us seeking reassurance and clarification that our work really is good, that we are amazing. Because it’s time we sought clarification from ourselves and learnt to look at ourselves in the mirror but not see the faults but the good positive things and how amazing we are!

Well in all honesty this post has gone way off topic from where I originally planned but I leave you with this to think about and I would love to hear your opinions in the comment section below!

Also, moral of the post? Don’t forget to tell people what you admire about them! Because it can be so hard to spot within ourselves these good things that are so obvious to others but we ourselves find so hard to recognise! Meaningful compliments are free to give, it’s not hard and it really makes the other person feel good about themselves! Also I’ve sort of said this in a round about way but every person is amazing! That means you are too! And don’t you forget it!

DaisyChainDreamer xx

P.S sorry this is slightly late I’ve been away with very little internet!

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