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Random But Relatable… School!

Hey guys!

I am really sorry I haven’t posted in ages I have had a lot of stuff happening and its been quite hard but I will fill you in on all that later!

Today should be a really non serious post which is quite random but very relatable! This is a collab with Mint Unicorn Blog! She is so lovely and blogs on her instagram but is making a website soon so look out for that! This post actually started as a conversation but it was too good to waste so we decided to turn it into a collab.

So school and teachers… there are so many things that get on our nerves and make you really go yes!!!!! That happens to me too! so I thought I would make a sort of list of some of the really annoying ones.

Firstly when you come back after the holidays and it is period one and everyone is half asleep because it is still way to early and the day before you would have still been asleep. But to them it may as well be mid term because they are right back into it! Blah blah blah this and that 1980 this happened and X + 2 = ? and its like if you actually think anyone’s listening you are dreaming! No slowly back into it lets just chuck a whole heap of home work at you!

When on the first day back, I don’t know if it is like this everywhere but at my school we get these hard copy notifications when we are going to get an assessment, well when you get one of those on the first day back! Like what!You have to be kidding.

When teachers ask the person who is obviously not listening a question just to prove a point. Like come on. We all have been in that position and lets face it, it just makes us frustrated at the teacher rather than actually wanting to listen!

However at the same time when the teacher asks someone a question when they think the person isn’t listening but they are and they reply with the right answer and its just like such a good feeling because the teacher is shocked for a second then re gains their composure and continues!

When someone in your class corrects a teacher and the whole class is just silently cheering.

Or when a teacher is just being down right un fair and someone in your class stands up for the class and politely but full on contradicts the teacher! This happened in one of my classes the other day and it was hilarious! My friend was like, with all due respect but… and I swear the whole class was behind her we were all getting so frustrates and it was like the peoples voice! Anyways!

Following on from the one above but when the person who contradicts the teacher is the teachers favourite and the teacher is even more shocked and confused because it is their A grade pupil who is usually just so good because the teacher is even more shocked and taken back.

When the teacher starts talking about her personal life and the rest of the lesson ends up being about them instead of their subject! Its even better when they are planning a wedding!

When in English they give you the worst novels to study which are so boring! Like if you want us toget good grades then give us something we are actually going to want to study!

Anyways thats enough for now comment down below which ones apply to you and if you have any others!

DaisyChainDreaming xx

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