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Hi everyone!

So I was looking back through my posts and my About Me page and I realised you don’t actually know that much about me! So I decided to do a Q and A! So I asked all my wonderful followers on my blogs Instagram daisychaindreaming_ to ask me questions.

Quick shout out to all the lovely accounts who gave me questions, those who wished to be are all linked with their accounts!

@jessyteee_ @lgbt_groupies_ @faithandmustard @bloggersweekends @mygirlblogger thank you all so much! Also thanks to all the other wonderful people who didn’t want to be linked!

When and Why did you start blogging? / What inspired you to start blogging?

I started my blog on the 30th of June last year. Ok so why? I started my blog to create a space for me to really be me. I have a habit of bottling up my feelings and thoughts and I was at a point where I literally thought my head would explode! I started with diaries but they failed. To me, there didn’t seem to be any point as no one would ever read it and no one was going to learn from my mistakes. A friend of mine had just read Girl Online and was telling me about it, giving me the idea of trying a blog! I hadn’t really thought about a blog before and I wasn’t even really that aware of them! But as I researched I discovered a real love for them and that is why I started my own! It was a win win situation. Express all my feelings etc and feel like it is possible for people to read, maybe feel like they are not alone or even learn from something I’ve done! I have also always loved writing so it made sense. My original goal was to make people realise that perfection is impossible and that you are good enough as you.

Why did you decide to blog anonymously?

The main reason why I decided to blog anonymously if I’m honest is because at the time I felt so judged by everyone which I feel is true for most teenagers. I felt like I was really losing who I was by trying to fit in because I was so scared of the judgement. I thought that if I blogged anonymously I could be myself without all the judgement of my peers. Most people find this a little silly though since I am opening myself up to be judged by billions of internet users but to me it’s great as I don’t personally know who you are and you don’t know exactly who I am. It also means I can always be honest!

What do you like most about blogging?

Probably that it’s always something to turn to! It’s always there so I can always blog and reach out to such an amazing community of people! It’s also such a great way to calm down, chill and break up the study!

What’s your favourite colour?

I love aqua!

Do you like reading? If so what genre/author do you like best?

Yes I love reading! I am actually thinking of doing a post soon of my favourite reads this year! Comment down below if that is something you would like to see! Favourite genre is hard as I like most genres but I love romance novels and am also a fan of futuristic stuff and historical, especially if they are written like a diary. My favourite series is probably Harry Potter or Huger Games. Favourite author is near impossible. I love so many! Obviously J.K Rowling but also Jennifer Niven and Jackie French. I’m not really sure!

What climate of Australia do you like best? Desert, Beach, City or Bush.

I would have to say the beach as Australian beaches are awesome as long as you don’t live too far north and can’t swim because of jellyfish, crocodiles and sharks! I have been to outback, aka desert Australia before though and love it out there, it’s so calm! I hike, so love the bush, I love the city especially in Sydney with all the landmarks, it’s amazing but there are way too many people! The beach is a clear winner though!

Do you love Australia? You always see pics of giant bugs and animals, I don’t know how I’d deal with that!

I love Australia so much!! It really is an incredible country! This Australian stereotype is so great! Yes there are spiders, snakes but giant bugs and animals? Yes Australia has heaps of spiders but honestly they are not that hard to deal with! You get pretty used to it as well! Snakes, we have some of the deadliest in the world but they are found inland and really avoid highly populated areas. So there are none in the city. Plus as a general rule, if you leave the snake alone it leaves you alone so it’s really not that bad! Australia, especially in the cities, is a developed country just like England or America so I don’t know why people think of it as some crazy land down under!

If the world were to end in 2 minutes and you could only save 5 people who would it be?

This is actually so so hard! Probably my Mum, Dad, Brother, Honey (best friend) and I’m not sure, probably whoever will end up being the love of my life! haha

In addition to that ^ if you could only take 10 items what would they be? / If there was a house fire and you could only save 5 things what would they be?

Oh again that’s so hard! Probably a photo album, tooth pixie my great grandmother knitted for me, phone and charger, Bible, laptop and charger, music (don’t know how that works but oh well!), Netflix, my blog, a necklace I brought back from Coober Pedy and my fav teddy bear from childhood!

From that, if there was a fire I would save the photo album, tooth pixie, phone, teddy and the necklace!

What’s your favourite inspirational quote?

Ok I have a few! I can’t pick just one! “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says Im possible” – Audrey Hepburn. “Let your smile change the world but don’t let the world change your smile” – Unknown. “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and loved more than you know” – A.A Milne (Winnie the Pooh)

Do you support the LGBT+ community?

Yeah I do. I believe that everyone should be able to love who they want to love. People should be allowed to be themselves.

How do you gain followers and readers?

I personally think that this is something all bloggers including myself struggle with unless they make it big.

First tip is to make sure you are on social media. It reaches such a big community. I personally only have Instagram but Twitter is also meant to be really good and getting my blog on twitter is something I really want to do. Another thing to have your blog on is Bloglovin, it updates every time you post and your followers can also turn on notifications to get a notification every time you do! It requires very little work by you! Follow me on Bloglovin by clicking here. Also get an email sign up form on your blog (I use Mailchimp).

Second tip is to make sure you are being yourself and are writing about stuff you want to write about rather than stuff you think will get you traffic. That way you not only get a group of people reading your blog who are more likely to enjoy it but you will have way more fun actually writing your posts!

Be consistent, make a time you are going to post and work towards that but make sure it is realistic. Consistency is something I’ve found has had a big difference in my views. Last year I was trying to post I think weekly? but I was only getting about a post a month! This year I have been posting fortnightly which I have been finding works well for me and is something I can actually sustain.

One last tip, ignore the numbers your followers will grow over time, don’t expect it to happen all at once!

What’s the one thing in your life that has caused you to feel mentally better than you were before?

If you read my post We are Stars We are Beautiful you would know last year about my problems with mental health and my problems with eating. I encourage you to go give it a read if you have the time! Anyway I really pulled myself out of a hole and got myself back on track which was incredibly difficult. It’s hard to pin point one thing in particular which I did! I think the big one was I changed my outlook to make it way more positive. I worked to change how I thought about situations going hey, I’m not there yet but it’s not impossible, this gave me new hope. If you guys want to see an update post on my mental health let me know in the comments!

Where in the world have you travelled?

I have been to Fiji, Noumea, New Zealand and Vanuatu.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

Oh this is a hard one! Probably Meryl Streep. She is such an incredible women who has to be the greatest female actress ever! I want to be an actress so she has always been someone I have looked up to. She accepts all her awards with such grace and she stands up for what she believes in.

I actually really enjoyed writing this and I hope you guys like it too!

DaisyChainDreamer xx

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  1. Loved getting to know you more! Your blog is so lovely aswell and so pretty! Australia sounds like an amazing place but I don’t think I’ll do great if I ever see a snake, haha. I started my blog on June aswell (on the 23rd) in 2015 and so glad I did! Have a great day x

    1. Thank you! Australia is amazing though I get the snake thing! I freaked when I saw one! Wow we started our blogs so close to each other!! Love your blog too! Hope you have the most amazing day! xx

  2. I can relate to you so much, it’s crazy!!
    I definitely get the whole anonymous thing, if I couldn’t blog anonymously, I probably wouldn’t do it. Majority of my friends don’t know I haven’t and I feel like if people don’t know exactly who you are, you can be a lot more yourself! I would love to go Australia one day ✨ Definitely part of the bucket list. Thanks for the quotes and advice also- your blog is amazing and I can’t wait to go on a blogger marathon on your blog after my exams 💖

    1. I am so glad you liked it thank you so much for the question! You have to come to Australia one day it’s such a cool country! I’m glad you liked the quotes and advice. Good luck on your exams!!
      Thank you so much! DaisyChainDreaming xx

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