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My Birthday Wishlist!

Hello to my amazing readers!

As promised I have a new post within a fortnight! Now my Birthday is coming up which means that friends and family are asking what I want! Only problem is I never know what to tell them! There was this Teenager Post I read ages ago, it went something like, “Me the whole year, I want that, I want that, me when someone asks me what I want for my Birthday ummm” Now that’s not exactly what it was as it’s from memory but you get the idea! Anyone else relate! So this year I decided I would make a list of the type of things I would like for my birthday so I wouldn’t be that person who has absolutely no clue what to say when their birthday roles round!

I started by scrolling through all types of websites and pinning the things I like onto a board on my blogs Pinterest! The board is in the sidebar otherwise if you want to take a look here is the link: Wishlist Board Pinterest So below I am going to make a list of the types of things that myself and I reckon any teen girl would be happy to receive for her birthday! Let me know in the comments if their is something you think I should add or that you would like too!

  1. MAKE UP: This may seem pretty obvious but I think it’s one of the best things to ask for. Makeup, especially nice branded makeup is expensive to buy which is why I think birthdays are great times to ask friends to combine or ask close family to get you a nice eye shadow pallet or brush set!
  2. CANDLES: I absolutely love candles! As long as you are not too fussy scent wise they are something that I think is really nice to add to that wish list! I think it’s also nice because you get to see what scents people think you will like which is always interesting! It can be good though to give a rough guide, eg floral or fresh otherwise you could end up with something on the complete wrong end of the scent spectrum!
  3. DIVIDE ALBUM: For those of you who aren’t aware Ed Sheeran recently graced us with a new album called Divide which I love! But you could swap this out and add any album you want or an I Tunes voucher for example!
  4. ROOM DECOR: I love adding this to the list because often you can get really nice pretty things that you might not have necessarily bought for yourself but are really lovely! Otherwise you can be more specific and ask for eg. a throw or cushions! I usually just give a particular colour.
  5. BATH BOMBS AND BODY SPRAYS: Birthdays are a perfect time to treat yourself. I love asking for LUSH because I love their bath bombs but it depends if there is a store near you. Having a bath can be such a good way to de-stress and relax! Having lovely bath bombs or bath salts to use can just give you a little extra push to turn that tap on! Body sprays are also lovely!
  6. STATIONARY: Personal opinion is that you can never have enough nice stationary! I love it when I get the really nice pens from Kikki K and even diaries and other items from stores like that! Nice pens are also great fillers when you have a gift but you need something to put with it, same goes with nail polish!
  7. BOOKS: I’m not going to lie, I can be an absolute book worm at times! I love getting lost in a story! That’s why I love to receive books! Also when other people buy you books it can give you a chance to try something new!
  8. JEWELRY: Jewelry can be such a lovely thing to get for your birthday! Whether it is charm for a Pandora bracelet, necklace, ring or bracelet I think they make lovely presents! I know I love receiving it!
  9. GIFT CARDS: Gift cards are always a fav. mainly because you can pick out a gift for yourself! I think these are great to ask for especially from people who don’t know you as well. Just because that way there is less chance of you getting something that you will thank them for but… you don’t really want!

There it is my birthday wishlist! Please please check out my Wishlist on Pinterest! If you are reading this on a laptop it should be in the sidebar, wonderful readers on phones just keep on scrolling!

I hope you liked it! Again, please comment if you liked it or if you think there is anything else I could add or anything you would like to receive for your birthday!

DaisyChainDreamer xx

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