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Life’s Little Things

Hi Guys,

I am so, so sorry for not writing in literally ages. I have had a lot on my plate with assessments and stuff.

Since my last post quite a bit has happened in my life. Including the thing that will lead onto what i would like to write about today.

Recently I injured my ankle quite badly.   I am a person who doesn’t like to sit still, my days leading up to this with an average of 3 hours of extra curricular activities after school per day. I dance, I act, I played Netball and was going to be playing Tennis the coming term and cricket as well as attend various other outdoor activities. My life was a constant juggle of work and activities. But although many of my friends often told me that I was doing way to much with no down time and that I was going to get hurt, I didn’t care, I loved my life and what I was doing and I had always been a busy person and hadn’t got injured before so I wasn’t fazed.

Until they proved me right. My whole world literally crashed around me. Whenever I got a bit of pain at the end of three hours of dance I bore the pain especially on pointe when it hurt most until one class when I fell off pointe, I didn’t think much of it at the time, until I played two games of Netball the next morning and felt a little pain that afternoon. By Sunday I knew something was wrong. It really, really hurt.

Physio confirmed it telling me to rest it forcing me to stop my activities. Everything. I couldn’t believe it. What was I ment to do now? I was angry, who was he to stop seemingly everything that mattered to me? I was cross my friends had been proved right! I was wrong, I felt stupid for letting it happen. After three weeks Nothing had changed I still couldn’t do a simple rise onto the front of my feet. I was even madder then that even though I had done what he had said done the exercises, stopped dancing, stopped everything there was no change. But when he told me he wanted an X-Ray and an Ultrasound on my ankle I was more scared then anything. I had no idea what to expect. Going into the rooms I has so scared that I would never be able to dance again, that I would lose what I care about. But they came back negative, I hadn’t torn anything, it was just seriously inflamed. So they put me in a boot. The types for when you break your ankle. To slow you down he said, Mum agreed. I wore it and slowly I slipped into  new lifestyle. A more relaxed less stressful life style. Instead of catching the train to dance or rushing to catch the early bus home just so I could leave again 10 minutes later, then get home late and be up till 11pm or later finishing things, I was more relaxed and I was getting more sleep.

The biggest thing I learnt out of this is to appreciate the little things in life. Like sipping a home made smoothie out on your back deck on a humid afternoon. Watching the birds and the trees sway in the breeze, watching the light change as you finish your English Essay before the night before it’s due or before midnight. Watching more and more blossoms appear on a tree in your back garden or watching your cat chase leaves around your feet. But i still missed all that I had lost for the time being.

I had a chance to go to go to a friend’s house after school and to study with my friends over Skype for our next assignment. Another thing I learnt to appreciate is photos. They are one of the little things in life I had never had a good chance to look at. I got the chance to go through stuff i hadn’t looked at since I was little. the photos from my 5th birthday party. My friends and I all dressed up in fairy costumes hitting a pinjata.

When I first got home from the physio I was devastated.  I was so mad that there was a chance I would not be better in time for me to perform in my dance concert or to do diving in PE.But as much as I hate to admit it I enjoyed the time off. Yes I missed out on going Abseiling but I still managed to do the Giant Swing!

I got chance to read a a few whole books! Something that usually only gets done in the holidays! I got to mess about in the kitchen making desserts off Pinterest and help Mum with dinner. I picked up my flute again for the first time since I quit it to make room for other things. I got to text in group chats with my friends and go shopping! I got to go to my Brothers Music Concert and even found time to play some games with him.

I’m not saying it’s easy. In fact the day I realised I was sill going to be in boot during a dance performance and had to go tell the organiser that I’d have to miss it, I came home and cried. I hated it when I pushed myself to do things I probably shouldn’t have. People bit back and asked me whether I ever wanted to dance on pointe again. It made me mad! Of course I do!  I was just sick of having to let everyone help me do stuff and wanted to become independent again! I’m not going to lie to you, it sucks! you get so down and wonder a thousand times what you did to deserve it. When you are finally allowed to go back to a dance class even just to mark the dance you are over the moon! But as much as I hate to admit it, I dont think i would change it! But I Definitely don’t want it to happen again!

Take home message today, enjoy the little things in life. Even if it is just finding a box with some old photos in it and your fist pair of ballet shoes. Treasure the moments. The smiles your friends give you, when your brother actually gives you a hug! Treasure them cause you don’t know when you will get them again!

DaisyChainDreamer xxx

This is a really good song with a great message guys! What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Stronger!

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