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Life Update! November 2017

I’M BACK!!!!!

Hey Guys!

Gosh I’ve missed this blog!

Okay so again I’m appologising, sorry! I have had been so incredibly busy my life has been pretty crazy! So I decided before I post any of the other posts I have been writing you definitely deserve an update and a kind of explanation. This post will also sort of act as an little sneak peek into some of the other posts I will be posting in the coming weeks.

Also I have to say I started writing this post in September… wow okay it has been so long but I think I needed a little break just to figure out a few things. But this dreamer is back!

So firstly, I moved! Which was incredibly exciting but also incredibly stressful and involved a lot of packing and work which took so much time.

Secondly, I got really sick and had to take time off school and I really was in no state to blog at all!

Thirdly, one of my friends is moving and I won’t really see her anymore so I have spent a lot of time talking to her.

Fourthly, I have also had to spend a lot of time helping a friend who is going through a rough time.

Fifthly, I have been having assessments which I have had to study for, then as my Instagram followers know I had my exams! Which were so stressful and incredibly time consuming!

In all honesty, I really needed to take some time for me I guess. I’m not exactly sure how to put it without giving away too much as there will be a blog post on this soon so look out for that! 🙂 basically I have been struggling a bit and I just didn’t need to feel like I had this on my shoulders as well letting you guys down so I decided just to let it slide for a bit. Please don’t be mad at me!

Anyways my exams are now over! *Silent Cheer!* so I really hope to get this blog up and running again!

I know this was a shorter post but just think- of it as an introduction to the chapter book to come.

DaisyChainDreaming xx

P.S keep an eye out on my Instagram because I have all these photos I want to post!

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  1. I’m so glad your back!!!! We all missed u 💛💛 ( let’s be honest here, we all need a little me time in our life’s )

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