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Life Update! 2018 and New Years

Hey Everyone!

Happy New Year! Yes I know I’m a little late, I haven’t been here since Christmas but I have been very busy spending time with family, enjoying my holidays and that warm Australian Summer.

I hope you all had an absolutely lovely Christmas. For Christmas I saw some family and had a very large lunch with so much food!! I literally could not eat anymore I was so full! It was such a happy day full of smiles and laughter just like Christmas is meant to be!

My favourite presents were a laptop and tickets to the ballet both I love so much and I am so excited to go to the ballet! I have not had a laptop for a while so it is so nice to be able to type my posts again!

Happy New Year! Wow I really cannot believe it is 2018! I keep thinking and saying the rest of this year is next year and writing 2017 when I write the date! To me New Year is about doing your best to improve yourself and your life to make it the most fulfilling and positive year yet. I think we use the date as an excuse but it’s a good one. Although the whole new year new me thing, well we can try but realistically change doesn’t happen overnight it takes hard work, patience and persistence. I was sick on New Years Eve so I didn’t get to take any firework photos which I was incredibly frustrated about however I do have some resolutions! New Years resolutions are such a big part of this time of the year and I would love to hear what yours are in the comments. My new year resolutions are:

  • To stretch my splits (dance stretch) daily (sleepovers are an exception)
  • To work out my core muscles at least 5 times a week
  • To do a full workout at least 4 times a week
  • To attempt to limit my sugar intake
  • To try and look on the bright side
  • Attempt to do more about caring for myself
  • Keep my room cleaner
  • Push myself out of my comfort zone more and try things and not let fear of failure get in the way
  • Post every week/ two weeks depending on what I have on
  • To be generally happier (full post on this later)
Working on those resolutions! I treated myself to a coffee at the cutest cafe!

So this is also a life update! I am on holidays still! But not for long enough. They end soon and I am going to try cram in as much as I possibly can, which also means sleep is becoming a low priority! Wow I am already failing my caring for myself resolution! I am always tired which often leaves me not in the best headspace but I’m ok!

My next post will be about my resolution to be happier and how I am going to try achieve it! If you have extra ideas please comment below!

Welcome to 2018!

DaisyChainDreaming xx

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