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Its been a while


Its been a while I am not even sure how to start these anymore. The last post I wrote was at the beginning of the year then life got crazy and this blog went to the back of my mind until it wasn’t really part of my life anymore. I’m not promising I’m back but I am going to try and write some more.

I think before I was enjoying writing but I was trying to so hard to be this image of a “blogger” and the writing was mine but the style wasn’t so it wasn’t an outlet anymore it became a stressor. But my original reasons for starting this haven’t changed, I love writing and that hasn’t changed which is why upcoming content is going to be a little different from now on but hopefully in a good way because I have changed as a person so my writing will probably reflect that. I don’t expect this little post to get many views or any at all because me being concerned with you reading isn’t going to help me write. But for my fresh start here are 3 facts about me:

  1. Sydney is home
  2. I am currently on exchange
  3. I am about to start my IB

Nice to check in everyone, talk to you all soon,

DCD xx



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