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I created this blog so girls (and boys if they want) can stick together and be honest with one another even if we log off and put on a completely different face for school.

On this page I have set up a contact form (below) so that if you want to contact me, ask me a question,if you want some advice, if you have an idea for a new post or you want to talk to someone (I promise I’ll listen) I am here for you. Even if you want to send me a message for some other reason. Just give it a go!

Remember this little corner of the internet is judgement free so I won’t judge or think you lack perfection (cause everybody does!)  I am a teen girl maybe just like you and believe it or not, I have been through quite a lot of girl drama and normal drama in my life so far and I reckon there will be plenty more to come.

But this page is about you not me! So here it is!!

🙂 DaisyChainDreamer xxx

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