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Competition – Motivation – Determination

Hey Guys!

Sorry I haven’t posted anything for a while, I promise to become more regular!!!

Today I wanted to post something on competition, motivation and determination.

We are all born with drive and competition in our bones and it’s natural to want to win, I am probably more competitive than most.

teamwork quoteOne of my main sports is netball and my team is amazing. I love the girls they are all lovely people and we never get through a training session without someone laughing so hard they are hunched over using their knees for balance. But not only that they are all amazing players and people or we were put in the second div, we were all set to make our mark on the comp this year which made me super excited.

The season was going really well and I couldn’t have wished for a better team!! Until a few weeks before finals where we sort of split, at least that’s how it felt. Like we had lost our vibe, our mojo. For the first time in the season we started to lose. We then lost the 2 or 3 games before finals began. Some of us (I included were devastated, others didn’t seem to care) it was annoying to think that even though I was giving my all and was trying so hard to win and to get the team to gel again that half of us didn’t really want to try, didn’t seem to want to win while the other half was trying so hard!

My Mum was asking me what we could do to get the team motivated, but the one thing I am sure of is you are born with grit, you are born with determination, motivation and courage. It is not something you can get taught, but it is something you have to learn. “I can’t make the team motivated” I told her, “It’s something they have to learn for themselves”

When finals started we made it starting in 2nd position before losing again. The first 3 quarters we were playing badly and for the first time I started blaming these girls who I love so much and shape our team and my game style. Blaming them for how badly we were losing. Our coach played a big part in our season, she is a uni student and such a lovely person and extraordinary player. Till this moment I’m still not sure what turned it around, was it something she said in her talk to us during 3/4 time? Was it that look that seemed to pass between us or the looks on our supporters faces as they willed us to pull it together. Well I’m not sure, maybe it was a combination. But whatever it was, it worked and we managed to work as a team again. We were no longer playing as individuals on a court, we were playing as a team and as people keep telling me, there is no “I” in team. That quarter we got our mojo back.

“Teamwork makes the Dream Work!!”

We scored 10 goals and they only managed 2 in that last quarter. But unfortunately it wasn’t enough. We still lost, we still had a second chance the next week though and I was ecstatic we had got our mojo and our vibe back! As my coach, who has inspired me so much this season told us after the game, “today you girls really made me proud and that last quarter is something to remember, you win and you loose as a team, on the court you are not individuals but one.” We were a team, each a cog in the clock making the hands tick! I learnt never to give up!!

The next week we played not as one but as a team, we gave it our all really making it one to remember losing by 1 goal, 1 goal! I was devastated and can’t say I didn’t shed a tear. But not because I was upset at losing but because I was mad what we had given, what we had left on the court had not been good enough. “What if I hadn’t missed that goal? What if I hadn’t made that bad pass or got pulled up for stepping??? People tried to console me but I shook them off, just staring at the court I had just stepped off, wishing for a different result. My coach came over and she didn’t try to hug me of squeeze my shoulder, she just said to me, “you win and you loose as a team, it wasn’t your fault or anyone else’s, you can’t place the blame on anyone, I am so proud of you and the rest of the team!” I don’t know what it was when she said this but I had a flash back to when I was about 5 and my Grandpa was talking to me, he said “It is not important how you fall what is important is the steps you take to get back up, to hold your head high and be proud, determination, motivation and courage you have them in you, you just need to dig deep and keep working at it!”

And that is how I am going to end this, with a message and a tradition I am going to start on this blog.

You win and lose as a team, don’t blame anyone else, hold your head high and do your best to except what life throws at you. Determination, motivation and a little bit of courage can get you anywhere! But most importantly, never give up!!

I hope you got something out of this!

DaisyChainDreamer xxx

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