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Hey everyone,

So for my third Blogmas post I thought I could do some stocking filler ideas as I know how hectic Christmas can get so I put together a list of small gifts with relatively low prices.


  • Lip balm – EOS lip balms are handy they are “cool” and are great lip balms so it’s pretty hard to go wrong with one of those! On the EOS website the normal ones were about $3.29 US
  • Bath Bombs – At the moment bath bombs, especially from Lush are all the rage. Also who doesn’t like to be able to come home to a nice fizzing bath bomb in a hot relaxing bath! They have heaps of Christmas scents too, so that’s nice if you want some festive fillers otherwise there are plenty of year round ones. Some have glitter or confetti they turn the water colourful and smell amazing. On the website prices range from about $4.50 AUD to closer to $9 AUD
  • Candles – Candles are lovely fillers, even the cheaper, smaller candles and tealights are sill lovely. Again there is also Christmas themed scents or you can get year round scents depending on the person you are buying for. Dusk has Christmas scented Mini Candles from $10 AUD
  • Stationary – Pens are lovely fillers especially nice ones. Kikki. K Is very popular among my friends and the girls we know. There prices are about $4 AUD for a pen (they have Christmas ones) and about $10 AUD for a pack of three
  • Hairbrush – Hairbrushes can be great fillers. Tangle Teezers in particular can be easy to fit in a stocking! You can get them from Price Line for about $30
  • Makeup – Makeup can be great fillers but it can get expensive especially for the top end brands. Great stocking fillers are things like an eye liner or a particular lipstick etc. Something that you know they want or need. See if you can get them cheaper at a pharmacy or when they are on sale.

  • Phone Cases – Phone cases are great for stocking fillers. Sports Girl cases are popular. You can get all sorts of cases and most of the time we tend to swap between them so even if the person you are buying for already has one they are still great fillers!
  • Hand Sanitiser – Hand sanitisers are great especially the small ones you can fit into a handbag or a small purse etc. Popular ones are the PocketBacs from Bath and Body Works. Variety of scents and has some glitter in them. They have festive scents to if that’s what you are after! About $6 US.
  • Nail Polish – Nail Polishes are super great fillers. For one it is pretty much impossible to have too many, two, they are available in so many colours and brands meaning you can pretty much decide how much you want to spend.
  • Ear Buds – Ear buds are great. you can get all sorts from quirky or cute designs in a variety of colours from somewhere like Typo to good quality ones from Apple or Panasonic.
  • Chocolate – Chocolate Bars or other confectionery bars are great fillers if you want to go more expensive you can give something like Lindt otherwise Cadbury or Darrell Lea is perfect!
  • Accessories – Accessories are great fillers. Rings or earrings, cute pendents or a bunch of bangles. All should be well received gifts!

I hope this helps some of you,

DaisyChainDreaming xx

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