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Hey Everyone!

Wow! 4 days till Christmas this has gone way too fast! I’m so sorry I haven’t been here but I am going to make it up to you with daily posts till Christmas!

So recently I threw a Christmas sleepover which was so much fun! I had such a good time and I thought I would share how I did it so maybe you can throw your own Christmas themed sleepover!

As I have a lot to say I will write about activities and decorating in this post and some of the food but I will do most of the food in tomorrow’s post where I will discuss Christmas treats.

So I decided to do it as if it was Christmas Eve to Christmas morning. To do this I organised a secret santa with everyone who was going. We used an online generator called Draw Names  it worked really well as you can put in the budget and it asks for your hobbies which you can just leave blank but then it asks for a wishlist which meant we could see what our person wanted. This meant it was a lot easier to buy presents as we could get something they actually wanted rather than just chocolate, not that there is any problem with getting Chocolate! Also if you want to do clues you can do them through a little box on the site where the person just gets an email with a message but it doesn’t say who from! When everyone came they brought their gifts and put them uner the tree. We opened them in the morning!

I also went to the $2 shop and bought mini stockings for everyone then hung them on some tinsel. In the afternoon when everyone arrived I had heaps of notebooks and pens and we all wrote anonymous warm and fuzzies (which are basically little letters which make people feel good about themselves where you will say what you like about someone etc.) we then folded them and put them in the stockings which we opened the next morning. It was really nice everyone sitting around reading notes that made them smile!

At Christmas we always have so much fun making gingerbread houses so we bought some cheap kits and on the day we had a gingerbread house making competition. We did it in pairs and it was a lot of fun! Most of our houses collapsed but some stayed standing! Let’s just say everyone was jealous of the groups which had the girls that do food technology at school! As a prize we had some chocolate. This was also a really good time filler as the competition was timed so they had to complete it in an hour and a half whih may seem like a long time but we needed it!

Then we went and set up our bedding while my Mum cooked dinner. I set the table, I put on a red Christmas tablecloth and used everyones glasses (which had their names on them) as place cards. I also put bon bons on the table which looked pretty and were a lot of fun to pull! For dinner we had Nachos. We cooked both beef and chicken to suit everyone and used taco spice mix. We served it on corn chips with guacamole and sour cream in bowls so they could help themselves. All the girls really enjoyed it and it was a really easy dinner.

To decorate the house I bought extra tinsel which I strung up everywhere as well as Christmas lights which I also strung up but mainly in the room where we were sleeping which was nice. I also curled them over the railings on the stairs. I bought foil curtains in red and green and strung them up in doorways. If you are doing a party instead of a sleepover they could also be really good as backdrops for a photo wall.

We did morning and afternoon teas outside. I set up a trestle table to put the food on and we all sat on picnic rugs.

After dinner we watched a Christmas movie, we watched one of my personal favourites Love Actually. Berfore we sat down though, we all got our christmas mugs (I got everyone to bring their own) and headed over to the hot chocolate station I had made, I recreated something I found on Pinterest. It invloved a little preperation as I had to buy everything as well as 6 mason jars. I also had to make the hot chocolate pops a few days in advance. I got an ice-cube tray and some red plastic spoons and melted a few packets of milk chocolate melts in the microwave then poured the melted chocolate into the icecube tray and put the spoons in each one. I topped each one with some candy cane shavings or some christmas sprinkles before putting it in the fridge to set. Before the movie I gently loosened the set chocolate pops from the tray and put them spoon side down into two of the jars. One had the ones with the candy cane, the other the sprinkles. How these work is when you get your mug full of warm milk you get the chocolate pops and stir it in the milk till the chocolate disolves into the milk creating your hot chocolate. In the other jars I had large candy canes as they as they also disolve to create a pepermint flavoured hot chocolate, milk chocolate chips, white chocolate melts and mini marshmallows. At the end I also had a can of whipped cream. The hot chocolates were really yummy and decadent, we all enjoyed them while watching the movie.

When we went to bed we all played classic sleeppover games like truth or dare.

The next morning was mainly about opening our presents, packing up and breakfast.

It was so much fun and I wwould encourage you all to give it a try! If you have any questions feel free to ask below!

See you tomorrow,

DaisyChaindreaming xx

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