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BLOGMAS } How I’m Making My Blog Christmasy

Hey Everyone!

So I’ve decided to do blogmas I will post every second day doing all the even numbers!

So today is a collab with Rosie from the blog Rosinalee  she is lovely and you should all check out her blog and her Instagram.

Today is mainly some helpful tips and tricks to quickly give your blog some Christmas spirit.

Tip no.1 – Use Christmas themed images

This may seem like common sense but many people forget, especially if they don’t have their own if its only the start of the season. An easy way to get round taking your own photos is to source your own images. Just make sure they are royalty free or you give credit I wouldn’t recommend using google images.

My favourite sites to get images for free are: Flickr and Pixabay . Just make sure for Flikr where it says “any license” you use the drop down to choose “all creative commons”or “no known copyright restrictions.”

For Christmas Pixabay is probably my favourite.

Tip no. 2 – add some widgets

For those of you who do not know what widgets are you add them as plugins and you can add them throughout your site. For example I use a Mail Chimp widget for my email sign up. You may have noticed the snowflakes, candy canes and presents etc falling from the top of my site. This is a widget and is so easy to add. It’s called weather effect. It is super easy to install and super easy to use and is 100% customisable. You can add sleigh bells make different things fall from your screen change how big they are and how frequently they fall. It’s just super easy and quick but really adds some spirit.

Tip no. 3 – Pinterest

So personally, I love Pinterest I just find it so fun looking through photos and I find I gain so much inspiration from there. Something simple I did which just adds a little Christmas is I made a Christmas Pinterest board and then used my Pinterest widget and changed the board to my Christmas board so it would show in the side bar. I find it looks really cute and is so easy and was actually really fun!

The Pinterest widget I use is called Pinterest Widgets by Phil Derksen. Also go follow me on Pinterest! My account is linked Here xx

Tip no. 4 – Use your social media

I have to admit this is something I definitely need to get better at but the bloggers that do this well seem to get really good results. Post Christmas themed photos and put all your other amazing photos on hold till after Christmas! You can also use widgets to show your latest Instagram photos and if you have Christmas style photos it adds to the the festive style of your blog!


Well I hope that helped some of you and gave you some new ideas! If you have any problems with any of these send me an email, send me a message on Instagram or leave a comment.

If you have any other tips for making your blog get into the Christmas spirit leave them below I would love to hear them!

Happy festivities everyone!

DaisyChainDreaming xx


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  1. Yayy! Your post is amazing!! It was really cool collabing with you! I’ve never heard of Pixabay actually, checking it out right now! xxx

    1. Thank you so much I loved yours as well! It was so much fun we will have to do it again some time! I hope you like pixabay! xxx

  2. This is such a lovely first post to blogmas!!❤️I agree pixabay is so good for Christmas photos and I literally saved all the exact same pictures as you (no joke😂)! I’m so glad to be back on WordPress! Xx

    1. Thank you so much lovely! Haha that’s so funny! Well they are great photos what can I say! xxx

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