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Back to School Jitters!

Hello to everyone reading this!

Now it’s after Christmas and we are into a New Year, finally! I’m really not going to miss 2016! It’s time for myself and many others to think about a new school year. I know it’s not like this in every country but in Australia, our school year runs from the end of January till early December, with 3 holiday breaks in between with a great 6-8 week (depending on the school) break between years over Christmas. So it’s time to get out the school bag, iron the uniforms and buy new school supplies!

But I have to admit I’m pretty nervous, I haven’t seen the girls in my year for almost two months and I have no idea who will be in my classes, my timetable or the teachers I will get. It’s a chance to improve impressions and get to know people better when you sit in a random chair in a subject you have never taken before – I changed my subjects going into this year.

It’s a time to go out to stationary shops and the big stores which have everything and buy $2 Binders and 4 good highlighters for $5 then wonder if you actually needed new ones! So I thought this post could be how I am preparing for the new school year and some tips for the first day back, what to have in your pencil case etc.

Number 1. For the first day back after ages I feel it’s important to feel really good about yourself. It really shows and you become way more confident without even trying, so even though you are waking up maybe a couple of hours before you have been, set your alarm that little bit earlier. You are probably reading this thinking I sound insane but, it means that you can hit snooze once and not run yourself late, you have time to do your hair so you are happy with it put on your fav outfit or uniform and have time to become happy with your appearance before running out the door! I also suggest getting to school that little bit earlier so you have time to greet everyone and find out about how their holidays have been before going into class and having to concentrate!

As hard as it may be (trust me I know) try to walk confidently and keep your chin tilted up and say hi and give a smile to everyone in your grade. It actually gives others confidence too and not only that, it gives you a nice, friendly impression to start the new year! A good friend of mine once said to me that she thinks it’s important to be friendly to everyone and try act nice and inclusive because it doesn’t do you any harm and it’s not good to make an “enemy” of anyone, which is so true especially when you might have to ask them for help while studying later or end up sitting next to them! Plus it gives you options friendship wise, of groups you can move to if you need to.

Number 2: How I’m preparing for going back. Well for starters, I try not to stay up too late the week before going back so I’m not shattered for the first day back and I can actually get up in time to catch the bus with a new lot of binders, stationary and text books! Even though that can be hard because you are trying to cram in those friends you still haven’t seen and fit as much into the holidays as you can before going back into a world of home work, late nights and rules, I try to think about it positively. I try to think about it in a positive way rather then let all my worries, fear and first day jitters fog up my mind and ┬ástop me from thinking sensibly. At the end of the day there should be a group you can sit with, at least one person in each of your classes that you are friends with if not, it’s a good chance to get to know someone better. If you make terrible impressions, hey, there will be a chance to change them and there will always be those few close friends who will love you no matter what! Plus people forget way more easily then you might imagine if you do something really embarrassing. People might talk about it for a few days or a week but you are way more likely to dwell on it then them!

I try and think rationally, think about some of the stuff I have read about nerves for acting and articles on anxiety and I reassure myself, try to only think positively and block out the negative and give yourself a few days to find your feet again, just go with the flow for the first few days and then become more of a guiding light if that’s what you wish to be. Otherwise keep going with the flow but don’t forget to have opinions and stand up for yourself when it matters. You are allowed to change, which is something I am constantly reminding myself about, I don’t have to be the same person I was last year and neither do you.

Number 3. What do I have in my pencil case and that sorta stuff. To make this easier I will make a kind of list.

  • Firstly you want a decent sized pencil case to keep everything in.
  • Scissors
  • Calculator
  • 1 or 2 Black permanent markers
  • 2 Blue pens
  • 3 Black Pens
  • 1 Red Pen
  • 2 Lead Pencils
  • 2 to 4 highlighters. I have 4. Yellow, pink, orange and green
  • Hole punch, I have a flat one which you slide the page in then press down which has holes in it to go over the rings of your binder but I prefer to have it in my pencil case so I have it for every lesson.
  • White Rubber
  • Sharpener
  • Post it notes, sticky backed page markers or I think they are called flags super helpful!
  • Glue Stick
  • Earbuds – I have a pair of headphones that live in my pencil case so I always have a pair for school and in lessons.
  • White out/correction tape
  • Small ruler

That’s the basic set of stuff I have inside you need some other things depending on your year level. I also have a separate pencil case with a set of basic coloured pencils in it, but they basically live in my locker except when I think I will need them!

Hope this helps some of you!

Do you have anything else in your pencil case? Do you have any tips for controlling your nerves or anything you like to do on the first day back? I would love to hear about it in the comments below!

DaisyChainDreamer xx


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