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Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to Daisy Chain Dreaming! On this blog I hope to create a judgement free zone where I can share my opinions and express how I feel, where maybe others can learn from my mistakes, realise we are not alone, we can give advice and share experiences and all sorts of different things but anonymously so I can really be myself and be honest without worrying about loosing friends etc.

As a teen I feel like I have a lot to give! And I really hope others will join me and read my posts!

This blog is a lifestyle blog but basically a little bit of everything! I love photography, cooking, sport, I would love to discuss many problems and annoyances of being a teen!

I Really want this place to be somewhere myself and others can realise perfection can only be worked towards no achieved, its impossible as much as people expect it.

I have done more of a detailed page on me and why I started my blog on the about me page!

I also wanted to create a place people could go to if they wanted to talk and know someone would listen you can contact me here.

You can check out all my blog posts click here. They are mainly directed at teenagers and a place I can express how I feel. I believe it is important to have a place where we can be honest and also learn from others and their experiences!

Please follow me on Bloglovin, Instagram and subscribe to my Mailing list to be notified of new posts! – I won’t spam I promise! 😃

I really hope you enjoy my blog!!

DaisyChainDreamer xx

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