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I hope you are enjoying my blog so far! I am a teen girl and I live in Australia!I love shopping, netball, tennis, the beach, food, dance and acting is my fav. and I love taking photos (though they are not always that great!) I am super sorry but I am keeping my blog anonymous, sorry! It’s actually way harder on me this way to! Always making sure none of this is open while I’m at school or friends are over always making sure I have logged out of my blogs insta etc, etc. But I feel I can provide way better content this way because I am not freaking out where I will sit on the social ladder after saying something, anything! I like to think of myself as the DaisyChainDreamer behind DaisyChainDreaming!

My vision for this blog is to create a place where I can be myself/discover what that even means! Basically a place I can let my emotions run freely and voice my opinions without freaking out that I’m being judged or that I will loose friends etc. My posts are for you guys, my amazing readers! But also for me so I don’t explode with things to say! 😃 I also promise to always be upfront and honest with you guys!

Through my posts my biggest hope is that you can realise maybe your not the only one going through eg. friendship troubles, changing groups or massive fights with friends or even your bestie! or a whole lot of different girl drama that is ever present in our lives! (insert crying/laughing emoji! 😂)

So I have created a place where you can Contact Me with any of your problems, if you want to talk about it or even if you just want someone to listen or just want to ask a simple question – shoot me a message!  and I will answer honestly and judgement free! 🙂

I will write posts usually fortnightly uploading on the Sunday. Otherwise just whenever I have something to write about or someone suggests a post idea in the comments that I like! They will appear on the Blog page on my website and also the recent ones on the Home page!

Because I love taking photos and editing them and find quotes really inspiring I love photos and quotes an you can find them on the Pictures page with the sub-page of Photos or QuotesAlso send me any quotes you would like me to do up with one of my photos! My best Photos are on my Insta tho! Please go follow it means so much! @Daisychaindreaming_

I hope you guys LOVE my blog, I am doing it all for you, and also for me to stop my feelings and thoughts exploding!! 🙂

DaisyChainDreamer xxx




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