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25 Tips On Travelling

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Soon I will be going on a holiday and I am SUPER excited as I have never been on this type of holiday before! So today’s post is like a sort of check list, 25 tips on going on a holiday!

  1. Lay out everything you are taking first – I like to lay everything I am taking on my bed.
  2. Start with too much then take things away – Get out everything you want to take lay it out then compare outfits, figure out what outfits work best and take out things from there.
  3. Pack smart – When I pack my suitcase I like to try to take a slightly smaller one then just pack smartly, is that a word? So fold things neatly and try to fill up all the gaps!
  4. Socks make excellent fillers! Where ever there is any gaps in corners use socks to fill them.
  5. Better than folding clothes roll them! You have so much extra room and they don’t get as creased!
  6. Keep your phone fully charged! – It’s actually so important that way you will always have a map even if you have no reception and a place you can take down directions or restaurant recommendations. Also that way if you get separated you can find everyone again! Plus phones are very handy cameras!
  7. Take a portable charger with you and try to keep it fully charged! It comes in handy for step 5 but you can also charge other things like your camera!
  8. Make a checklist of everything you put in your bag before you leave – that way when you are packing up you can make sure you have everything.
  9. Always keep your passports/plane/boat/or whatever tickets safe! They are not something you want to be loosing
  10. Where ever you can interact with the locals – it really gives you the chance to know a place!
  11. Plan ahead – Many of the best things to do in places involve you having to book so make sure you take a little look at that before you leave!
  12. Take a needle and thread – especially when you are in rural areas it can save you a lot of hassle to be able to sew back on a button! Saftey pins are good too.
  13. Take a pair of thongs/flip flops whatever you call them! Use them in the shower if you are using public facilities like campgrounds
  14. Take LOTS of photos! I can speak from experience memories fade and you want some decent photos to remember your trip by! Not just Selfies!
  15. Make sure you know basic first aid! That’s really important because if you are in a rural area get lost or are on the road and get injured it is really important you know how to help yourself or others around you
  16. Carry a basic first aid kit!
  17. Decanter you shampoo and conditioner into smaller bottles or take a travel pack of shampoo or conditioner, next time you stay in a hotel you can take them from the bathroom!
  18. Make sure you get vaccinations if you need them!
  19. Know some basic phrases of the local language
  20. Scan and take a second copy of all travel documents! In case they get wet, damages, lost!
  21. Check whether the water is drinkable – Shower, tap, ice in drinks etc.
  22. Take plenty of spare sanitary items!
  23. Always travel as a group or with a travelling companion.
  24. Always take a hard copy map of everywhere you are going!
  25. Don’t forget you tickets! It is sooooo easy to leave tickets on the fridge or paperwork make sure you don’t forget it!

So that’s my list of tips for traveling! Even though I am only a teen I have done lots of very different travelling with my family, hiking and going to rural areas and I feel like I have picked up a lot over the years!

Have I missed any? Is there anything on my list you liked or didn’t know? Comment down below!

DaisyChainDreaming xx



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