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10 Ways to Become a Better Friend

Hey Everyone!!

So what is a good friend? How can you be one? Now I feel like these can be very controversial questions. Everyone has their own image of the perfect friend. And let’s be honest there is no such thing as a perfect friend with no faults because we all have them!

I know I do this a lot and I don’t know if you guys like this but I’m going to give you the back story! If any of you would prefer not to read this I will put a sub heading a little further down! Ok so getting on with it! Lately a few of my really close friends have been confiding in me with some of their friendship problems that they have had going on and I started to notice some trends in what there friends were doing and to get their friends off side. For those of you who have seen the movie How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, you will know the lead is writing a column outlining all the common things girls do that guys hate. For those of you that haven’t seen the movie but have snap chat I’m sure you will have read something similar in Cosmo or Buzzfeed! So in this post I thought I would do something similar but change guys to friends. So I decided to make a list of things that would probably make all of us, me included, a better friend.

Here are 10 ways we can all be better friends!

  1. We need to accept our friends as themselves and not put them down or try to tell them who they are. Only they know who they are. As friends we are there to support them and to be there for them when they are changing cause lets face it! That happens a lot as we are teens! Instead of telling out friends they are not themselves when they change why don’t we embrace the new them!
  2. Are you OK? It really isn’t that hard to ask but the thing is I feel like the response we always seem to get is just, ok. I think we often we say we are ok hoping that our friends will say no you’re not. But come on, friends aren’t mind readers but we can push a little if we get the classic ok. By putting in that little bit of extra effort and really checking in with your friends you are making sure they are better than ok and if they aren’t, then you can find a way to help them feel better.
  3. Always reply to texts straight away. Never, I repeat never leave a friend on read! It is the absolute worst and always gets people off side. Come on we all have that friend who reads your text and thinks the reply but doesn’t actually send it so we all know how annoying it is!
  4. When friends are telling you something serious, sad or bad, don’t try comparing it to something that has happened for you. Don’t try to tell them that what they have been through isn’t as bad as something you have been through or tell them that you know how they are feeling because of this or that. Just let them talk. Let them rant or cry and feel how they are feeling.
  5. Make time for your friends. Be there for them when they need to talk. Be organised enough to catch up on the weekends or make time for that Skype call. Friendships become stronger with the more time you spend together also it’s always nice to feel wanted, so give your friend a call and organise something!
  6. Always stand up for your friends. What others think about you won’t matter if you lose your friends. Plus being loyal deepens your friendship and the trust between you.
  7. Don’t judge, just listen. Be accepting. We all do things sometimes which we become so afraid of confiding about to our friends because we are so afraid of the response we will get!  So just be accepting. Don’t judge but listen and support and offer advice where it’s needed.
  8. Don’t tell your friends what to do. Offer them advice by all means but do not tell them what to do or try and control them. Controlling friends becomes difficult and your friends start to feel trapped. Let your friends decide what’s best for themselves. Chances are they will listen more to advice than do this or do thats.
  9. Make sure the friendship isn’t one sided. If you are doing a lot of the talking maybe ask your friend if they have anything they want to talk or rant about! They are there for you so make sure you are there for them.
  10. I touched on this on a little rant on my insta @daisychaindreaming_ but be supportive of your friends. Build them up don’t tear them down. Tall poppy syndrome, you heard of it? Well it sucks and it’s almost all based on jealousy. Remember when you are jealous of your friends and tearing them, which sometimes we even do subconsciously, they are probably also jealous of us and all we achieve. We are far more likely to notice what others do than what we do ourselves. Let’s spread love not hate!

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DaisyChainDreamer xx

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  1. this is really eye opening and I for one have definitely realised ways i can improve being a better friend, its hard sometimes but good friends are so worth the time and effort! keep up the good work love your blog xx

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